Friday, February 1, 2013

One Last Thing Before I Go, Jonathan Tropper, Fiction. This charming book, the latest from Tropper, will keep you wondering until the end - is this life worth living?  What would change your mind?  Who could change your mind?  Would you need a good punch in the nose to see how good you can make it? With Silver, Tropper has created another sad sack of a man, one who has let his life go and hasn't looked back to see where he dropped all of the good things he had.  Then he hears from the doctor Rich, who will be marrying Silver's ex-wife, that he will die within weeks if he does not have a life-saving operation.  Silver decides his life just isn't worth living, and announces he will not be having the surgery, and we are introduced to a cast of characters who try their hardest, in their own ways, to convince him otherwise.  Reconnecting with his estranged daughter and trying to get his wife to fall for him again are only two events that Tropper writes about with tenderness, humor, and truth.  As Silver negotiates the Jewish life celebrations that his father (a Rabbi) forces him to attend, Silver stares his mortality in the face and just doesn't like what he sees.  The easy, quick and witty familiarity Tropper uses to write about Silver's male friendships fall easily to the beats that Silver can make when he is drumming in his top form.  Tropper's writing rings true to anyone who has loved - as a parent, a partner, an ex, or a friend.

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