Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mrs. Queen Takes the Train, William Kuhn, Fiction.  A jolly good read, indeed.  Kuhn takes the liberty to explore what may happen if the clinically depressed Queen was to take off for the day, undetected by those who surround her, but taken care of by the people who know her the best.  Queen Elizabeth has been feeling down in the dumps and one of the only things that makes her smile is visiting one of the country's top horse betting websites, but she can't get up the gumption to place even a small bet.  She longs for happier times, and thinks fondly of the family's now decommissioned royal yacht grounded in Scotland.  So, she takes off to visit it on her own, quickly followed by concerned staff members and trusted confidantes.  Kuhn’s fully drawn characters care about the Queen and each other, and in the process of finding their charge, forge relationships across class and traditional lines that will last a lifetime.  From horses to cheese, public transportation to yoga, the Queen, through Kuhn's whimsy, explores them all.

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