Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bring Up the Bodies, Hilary Mantel, Fiction, Historical.  When Anne Boleyn falls out of favor with the King of England, she is desperate to keep her position in the monarchy, but at what cost?  Mantel takes the perspective of Thomas Cromwell, King Henry's most trusted advisor, and through his eyes reports on the doings of the court and who he must manipulate and interview to make the King happy and clear his path to his new wife, Jane Seymour.  The story plods on at times but the fault is the knowledge of the story, not Mantel's writing.  It always amazes me to realize that King Henry was bending the rules at his whimsy and people were there to support him and his choices above all else, even common sense.  Cromwell's role of unwavering support is questionable but understandable, and a worthwhile story to read. Mantel's ability to write about this oft-repeated tale and make it feel fresh impresses.

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