Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Where We Belong, Emily Giffin, Fiction.  Giffin's 6th story of relationships explores not only where we belong, but where we began, and how that makes us who we are.  An eighteen year old who is trying to figure out her future decides to confront her past - the beginning of her life - by contacting her birth mother.  Kirby shows up on Marian's doorstep and the moment proves to be an intersection of time, love, loss, and possibility.  Marian has never forgotten the decision she made to give up her daughter for adoption - but she has never looked back, either.  Now a driven and successful writer in NYC, her life is coming together the way she pictured it - finally.  Kirby can't figure out where her life should go.  Eighteen and deciding between college and a job, she hasn't found a place to fit in throughout high school, and is feeling lost.  When the two meet, both Kirby and Marian have to confront the feelings their reunion.  Giffin, no stranger to writing about relationships, treats this situation fairly - it isn't all hearts and rainbows and she is able to show longing, hope, disappointment, and possibility through all of the characters affected by the reuniting of mother and daughter.

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