Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What The Nanny Saw, Fiona Neill, Fiction.  Ah, nannies.  They see it all, and what do they say?  Well, they are paid to say nothing.  And if they DO say something, there goes their designer castoffs, working vacations in Greece, cushy daily stipend, and total loss of self.  At least that is what Neill would have us believe.  After a few failed various relationships at home and school, Ali falls into a nanny job for one of the most high profile couples in London.  Their children are sweet, smart, and in need of a little guidance and daily love.  Her job consumes her, and as she becomes more enmeshed in the family, the children, parents, and even grandparents lean on her heavily for various levels of support.  Ali is all too happy to comply, even after Nick, the father, disappears amidst allegations of insider trading and conspiring with another mother's husband at school.  Ali observes the lives of the super rich are just as fraught with decisions and daily struggles, but on a different level as her own normal.  When people start asking Ali questions, how loyal will she be?  What does she really know?  How involved, exactly, is she with the children she is supposed to be caring for?

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