Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gold, Chris Cleave, Fiction.  This is the first of Cleave's distinctively covered books that I have read, and I plan to not stop here.  This gripping, fast-paced novel had my heart racing like the speed bikers that this story is about.  Kate and Zoe have raced as long as they can remember, and it has always been against each other.  They are the best in the world - but who has the medals to show for it?  And what are those medals worth?  Zoe is racing away from her past and Kate is racing toward her future, but we are never sure what either of those scenarios are.  What happened to Zoe to make her so reckless?  When will Kate really be sure of the future of her family?  The gripping ending of this story, with a race for life and a race for gold pitted against each other as the girls, now women, race each other one last time, had me pacing the room in between tears and pages.

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