Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beautiful Ruins, Jess Walter, Fiction.  Spanning decades and continents, the aptly titled Beautiful Ruins is a close look at what the impact small decisions can have on a lifetime.  Set in Italy and America, Beautiful Ruins is an ode to missed opportunities and what that makes us into the person we become.  One movie star's careless intimacy with a young woman sets in motion the events that not only make one life, but pushes another to be better than it already is.  Many years later, in a casting room in Hollywood a lucky and unlikely duo unite to convince a young lady to give them mere minutes of her day to hear their stories - true or not.  Claire's ability to take a minute of her day again sets events in motion that will change everyone's life - and reunite a cast of characters for better or worse.  Walter's ability to examine the consequences of each decision we make is not tedious, but delightful, and Beautiful Ruins is a funny, lovely read.

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